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 ’One of the best things on the Quietus’ stereo this week has been composer Lucy Claire‘s Suite EP’.

- Laurie Tuffrey


      ‘Suite’ was released on This Is It Forever on August 19th 2013.


Lucy, a London based composer, started to incorporate binaural recordings into her own particular brand of lush, expansive string and piano based textures to create something other worldly.


  ‘It is music that takes you outside, into unfamiliar settings but with familiar sounds. The milieu of the world is present in the tracks, warm and comforting yet strange and haunting. There is a slight dust on all the sounds.’  Lucy Claire


  ‘this standalone music has a cinematic quality to it, though it creates images in your mind, rather than complementing them in front of your eyes.’ CMU: Approved


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No.3 Mildew (Winter Son’s Awoken Ground Remix)


‘Mancunian producer – and one-half of Ghosting Season – Winter Son (aka Thomas Ragsdale) takes the original’s moonlit chords and sets them to a distant beat; one that will never let you forget what time of night it is. Like the ticktock of an old grandfather clock, Ragsdale’s refined rhythms take Claire’s piano arrangements out of stasis – setting them on a stumbled trajectory towards a finishing line that never quite emerges from the ether. As sweeps of sustained strings enter towards the track’s finale, there’s a sense of closure, sure; but you’ll certainly want to revisit ‘Mildew”s lonely hallways for further answers.’ Planet Notion



‘Paelistin’ is not just a political statement, it is the deep running river of anxiety for a region plagued by war. The resolution amounts to running in circles when we are faced with the futility of war.


The paper burns the careful, clean hand-writing:“The superior man ordinarily considers the left hand the most honourable place, but in time of war the right hand. Those sharp weapons are instruments of evil omen, and not the instruments of the superior man” James Catchpole from Fluid Radio


‘It’s hard to be the standout on a 40-song compilation, but that’s what we said about Lucy Claire‘s “Paelistin” when we reviewed SEQUENCE6 and urged readers to check out her Soundcloud page.’ Richard Allen at A Closer Listen


‘The kind of tune that could divide the stiffs of the classical realm and bring together youthful music lovers worldwide’ Dingus

BBC Introducing with Tom Robinson on 6 music